30-day cooling off period

We offer a flexible 30-day return policy, with the possibility to return any stock item, as long as they are unused, containable in their original packaging and still have all originally issued labels attached by original pin strap.

Order produced products are not returnable. We label all goods made to order, with Pre-order description. You can easily identify these items, as the “add to” buttons are changed to “pre-order” buttons, as well as the “place order now” end point prior to payment, is instead labeled “place pre-order now”.

Customized or personalized items are also not returnable. You will be well aware of this, due to your own personal addition of customization or personalization details, on any item offered with these additional options.

Products returned smelling of personal odor or having dirt signs (being in a different state than originally send out), may also not be acceptable to a full refund.

We do not offer to cover freight charges of a return, even if a return label is included with your shipment, the return freight charges may still be reduce in your refund. However, we do offer a return drop off at a fixed price, through our service provider Shipmondo, but unfortunately not for all countries yet.

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