Ultra Gel w/ caffeine, black currant

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A box with 6pcs Ultra Gel.

Suggested use

Ingest 1-2 gels per hour depending on exercise duration and intensity and the possible combination with other carbohydrate sources.

Designed to be combined with other 6d products containing a 2:1 CARB MIX to eventually obtain a 90-120g hourly carbohydrate intake rate. We recommend to co-ingest water with the 6d ULTRA GEL to compensate for the high carbohydrate (sugar) and sodium contents, and thereby facilitate digestion as well as reduce the incidence of gastrointestinal symptoms.


Why 75mg of caffeine? (blackcurrant flavour)

The ULTRA GEL + CAFFEINE contains 45g of carbohydrates and 200mg sodium, plus 75 mg caffeine. Caffeine can boost performance by stimulating mental alertness as well as by postponing fatigue during prolonged exercise. Therefore, the 6d ULTRA GEL + CAFFEINE is the ideal energy supplement for endurance athletes aiming to elevate blood caffeine level in the approach of key episodes in endurance races.

Why to consider using a 45g carbohydrate dose?

Athletes often aim at ingesting 90 to 120g of carbohydrates per hour in “ultra” endurance exercise events. With carbohydrate portions as low as 20-30g, athletes often experience problems to reach the 90-120g goal.

Instead, the ULTRA GEL delivers 45g portions. Thus a 90g dose requires no more than 2 gels per hour.

By the addition of another 30g dose via the extensive 2:1 CARB MIX 6d product range, the upper limits of carbohydrate intake (120g/hour) during exercise can be conveniently achieved.

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