The Northern Bibtight

kr. 700,00

The Northern Bibtight has been developed with a focus on being light, windproof and flexible. The purpose is to make a bib tight for spring and autumn or the milder winter days. A bib tight made of 3-layer textile, inside is a light and elastic material with micro brushed fleece, which has received a Hydrocool treatment that helps with breathability.

The middle layer is a windproof coating which at the same time provides elasticity and helps transport moisture away from the skin. At the end, a super light polyester textile with Bionic Eco treatment, which makes the bibtight water-repellent, without the use of fluorine or formaldehyde, is a better and more environmentally friendly choice.

The Northern Bibtight has a quality insert (Paris) from Elastic Interface, which is one of the most recognized brands in its field. The braces are made of flat and wide elastic materials that do not jiggle while driving – Perfect choice for those windy days!

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