Tensione Road Shoe

kr. 800,00

Cycling is about pushing and pulling the pedals for hours. So UDOG designed and developed the first cycling shoe ever that follows your feet as you pull up. Tensione is the first shoe ever to hug your feet from bottom to top.
Easy, fast and fully supportive. Go to training and run in complete comfort.
In addition, the Tensione design creates 18 contact points between the upper and your feet. Introducing the Tension Wrap System, a metatarsal dynamic system that wraps the metatarsal area of ​​your feet from the instep to the bridge for an optimal fit.
The Tension Wrap System enables a more controlled transfer of power to the pedal. It holds your foot for complete comfort during the entire pedal stroke.
The shoe has been developed with comfort in mind. The design is deliberately minimal, eliminating all hardware, plastic and metal parts that create pressure points. The complex lacing system allows Udog to use upper materials that are softer and more comfortable compared to standard cycling shoes, minimizing stitching. The upper part is made of innovative 3D technical mesh, the material is light, soft and breathable.
Laces are carefully selected and tested to identify the best laces for a high performance cycling shoe. Traditional laces tend to lose weight while pedaling, for this reason Tensione uses proprietary laces that are flat and pressed, firm without air inside, creating a rope knot effect that guarantees the best fit  for the longest endurance rides.
Tensione's minimalist design eliminates all plastic and metal parts, seams, uses the most advanced materials and creates a product that is ultra-comfortable, supportive and lightweight. As cyclists, we know how important weight is on all bike components, especially shoes.

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