6d Recovery Shake

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After an intensive training session or competition, the carbohydrate stores in the muscle and liver are depleted and need to be restored. At the same time, the body needs amino acids to achieve muscle recovery through protein synthesis. The gains that you can achieve through training (‘training adaptation’) are largely determined by the capacity to synthesize new proteins after training.

Regarding the refilling of the body”s carbohydrate stores: a combination of glucose and fructose (e.g. table sugar) restores muscle glycogen just as fast after exercise compared to taking glucose alone. Interestingly, this combination of sugars restores liver glycogen more quickly and reduces gastrointestinal problems. This is why the “6d Recovery shake” contains a mix of maltodextrin, sucrose, and fructose instead of just glucose and/or maltodextrin. The addition of ± 30g (= 0.4g / kg of body weight) whey protein (= fast-digesting protein) to these carbohydrates speeds up muscle glycogen re-synthesis even further. In addition, this protein dose, which also contains 3g leucine, maximizes the synthesis of new muscle proteins. For these reasons, only fast-digesting whey protein, that is naturally high in leucine, is included in the “6d recovery shake”.

Restoring the fluid and electrolyte balance is also essential in the recovery process after exercise. Thanks to its high salt concentration (1,200 mg of sodium per litre), the “6d RECOVERY SHAKE” stimulates the thirst sensation, which stimulates fluid intake. Moreover, the addition of sodium reduces the need to urinate, while it makes the body retain more of the ingested fluids. This is why sodium promotes the rehydration process.

In summary, the “6d RECOVERY SHAKE” is the ideal drink for all athletes looking for optimal muscle repair and rapid replenishment of lost fluids, electrolytes and sugars.

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