We have listed tips & tricks on how to start using and how to maintain your product in their full life cycle.

It’s always important to check the content of a delivery before unpacking and preparing the first ride in it.

In the FAQ we have listed What if scenarios and How to contact us information. 

Care Taking

Taking care of functional clothing will improve performance and extend product life cycle.

It’s not that different than taking care of most other apparel items, yet elasticity and breathability are key functions in cycling wear. Fabric types are therefore mostly very light weight and can be delicate compared to other wearables.

Always study the care label stitched inside, as this shows material composition and limitations in wash/rinse/detergents/drying etc.

Before first time usage...

It's understandable to start using your product immediately, but it's worth the extended waiting, to wash/rinse in cold water before getting on the road. Starting with a cold water rinse also removes possible ressadue from sublimation colors.

...afterwards wash according to the care label.

Inside each item you will find the standard care label, it's white and stitched in. On it you will find standard symbols explaining how to take care of the product, what you cannot do without harming the function or appearance.

Always dry on hanger

None of the TeamWear apparel products we provide can be tumble dried or ironed. Always dry on hanger. Luckily the functionality of the fabrics, makes the product dry fast. It's best practice to hang up to dry immediately after washing.

If stains won't come off after washing

Have you ever ridden on wet tarmac? Then you sertainly know that the water sprays on both pants and jersey/jacket – with the result that your clothes get a lot of mud stains. These stains can be difficult to get rid of by ordinary washing, but there is a more effective solution.
■ Rub dishwash detergent (without dye) into the stains.
■ Put the bike wear in a plasticbag, push all air out of the bag & close
■ Leave the clothes in the bag for a day, wash it and repeat the process if necessary..


Probably you have just received your delivery and landed on this page via the QR code from your delivery bag label.

The delivery bag label is referred to in the beneath and it’s recommended you have it available, in case of delivery content questions.

The content of your delivery is listed on the delivery bag label. Checking the content with the listed items is simple, as each item is labeled with the exact same code and text defining each product & specification.

If content and the delivery bag label list is identical in code, size and quantity, your delivery has been packed correctly.

How to check your order and why it's the first step.

You have ordered this delivery 3-7 month ago. Which is why checking your original order, is the best start, in case the content is not what you expected it to be.

Order ID starting with the number 2

Your order has been placed on the intranet. Our system doesn’t show the content of originally placed intranet orders, the intranet does.
Please check your order details on the intranet via this link:

Order ID starting with any other number

Your order has been placed on our webshop (this site).
Please use the below tracking form to check your order details. 

To track your order please enter your Order ID in the box below and press the "Track" button. This was given to you on your receipt and in the confirmation email you should have received.

What if...

We have listed typical answers on questions frequently asked. 

If you do not find the question or the answer you are looking for, scroll down and find our contact details.

We would love to hear from you, also in case you want to contribute with improvement ideas or wish to share your experience, good or bad, with us.

I'm missing pieces in my delivery

You need to contact us, please use the form below to do so as soon as possible. In rare case we have made a notation on your delivery bag label and emailed you regarding an eventual issue.

I have receieved more than ordered

In case the quantity of your content is above the quantity listed on your delivery bag label, we have made a packing mistake. The totally produced pieces of all deliveries is a 100% match, which means if you have received excess pieces, someone is missing theirs. Please contact us as soon as possible, so we can fix our mistake.

My content doesn't match delivery bag label

If you cannot match code, size and quantity listed on your delivery bag label, you need to contact us asap. We need to know which item you have received, that is NOT listed on the delivery bag label. In case of a packing mistake, we can find your missing item, by searching and finding the rightful owner of excess items delivered to you.

I'm sure I have ordered differently

When you are certain you have ordered differently, than we have stated on the delivery bag label and packed as content for you, you should start by double checking the order (use the methods describe above). After double checking your order, please contact the Team Rynkeby Foundation via the support function on the intranet or in case your order ID doesn't start with the number 2, contact us via the below form. Feel free to contact us as well, if you desire a fresh set of eyes to determine item/codes and content.

There is a fault on one of my products

We try hard to supply products that live up to expectations and needs. In case we didn’t succeed in doing so, please contact us or visit our claims page for details on how to proceed. Be aware that TeamWear items are not regular stock items, unfortunately we cannot exchange products with a fault immediately. Most TeamWear claims are solved with repairs, either locally at our cost or through return/repair/return string of events. The sooner we receive a claim, the better solution options are available.

The size received dosn't fit me

If you have determine that order and delivered content matches, yet still the size you have ordered does not fit you, there is only one solution. Because TeamWear is order produced, there is no stock available to perform an exchange. This results in your only option, to reorder a size which will fit you. Re-ordering is possible until April 15th and the order can be place here (on this site).

Something must be wrong with the size

To clarify if something is wrong with the size of your product, it's important to understand the premesis of such determination. The samples provided at trial events have been produced based on size cut panels, which are identical to the size cut panels of your product. It's not possible to stitch together panels from different sizes. The most plausible of possible mistakes during production, is a labeling mistake. Please contact us and we will figure out together if a labeling mistake has occured.

My team mates have issues

We offer individual support, but if you hear of team mates having issues, please refer them to either contact us individually or refer them to contacting your team manager. Your team manager is involved in the project management and on behalf of the project, a different chain of communication exists. Your team manager will be aware of how to proceed.

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