Leg n' Feet warmers

From: DKK 700,00

Ride for Life leg warmers

Signature Ride for Life Leg warmers made in Roubaix fabric.


Ride for Life shoe covers

Signature Ride for Life Shoe covers made in wind and waterproof WindOff membrane material.

Be aware the sizing is for road shoe sizing, using the shoe cover on top of MTB shoe models, would plausibly equal a need to order 1 size bigger.



Merino wool sock

Merino wool cycling sock is the perfect solution for winter cycling. This sock keeps you feet warm, will fit you normal cycling shoe size, and perspiration values are in the high end of the scale, keeping your feet dry.

Composition: 80% Merino wool, 35% X-Dry (PP), 6% Copper, 4% Lycra


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